Sunday, December 18, 2011

Locust Salon

This semester, I took a Art and Poetry Fusion class from Josh and Lara. The class ended up truly being a performance arts class, but whatever. Anyways, for our class final, we put on a show at Lara's house. It went really well. I participated in two of the pieces that were performed and also created some visual art.

I created this clock for the show, along with another piece (which I haven't photographed yet) that spelled out T I M E using photos/paintings of the U.S. presidents. I personally really like this clock, and it evolved a lot during the creation process, from what I originally intended it to be. The hearts are made of gum wrappers, and the clock actually works. Think I'll hang it on my wall. 

Steal Your Face

I had to think about this one for a while. It was hard figuring out the easiest way to do it. And believe it or not, this is the most difficult Gum Wrapper project I've done...thus far. (It's a Grateful Dead logo)

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison. One of my personal Idols. This is also a classic picture of him, so I figured I should create a gum wrapper version of it. I am also currently working on another sweet project with this same image. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

Bob Marley

It's been a while since I've added any new art pieces to this here blog. But here's one from a while ago.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No One Told Me

It's very seldom that I write poetry. But sometimes you find inspiration.

The lovely nights we spent together,
Hands intertwined.
Her soft beautiful hair
Resting on my shoulder.

No one told me she was moving.

The countless love notes piling up.
And the way we danced,
That very first time.
The sweet smile on her face, when she looked into my eyes.

No one told me she was moving.

And I may have failed Physics.
But I know chemistry.
We were good together.

No one told me she was moving.

Our love, was a light in dark places.
Oh how It warmed my heart.
She told me we would grow old together.
That there were many more memories yet to be made.

No one told me she was moving.

I should have realized.
The plane tickets,
The Duffel Bags,
The long goodbyes.

But no one told me she was moving.

…and now she’s gone.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to Get Busy

Finally I have free time to create! I only have one class on M/W/F now. And it's at noon. So The plan is to paint until that time on those days. Today I purchased a few canvases and some other stuff. I also got 5 gallons of paint, and eight different colors. Figure that one out! Within the next day or so I plan to head to my little studio and get it set up to start working. I'm pretty excited. These pieces need to get made. They've been in my head, making me crazy, for a few months now. Also, I turned in a painting for one of my art classes and Josh G. Hung it on the wall in the art room. So if you're interested in checking it out, let me know and I'll show/tell you about it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Brief Catching Up

Ever Since school started up, I haven't had much time to create art. But in the last few weeks I've come up with some super cool ideas for pieces. And It's been driving me crazy cause I don't have the time to start working on any of them! Though fortunately I have been revisiting my Gum Wrapper art. Knocked out a few of those recently, including a Jim Morrison, and Bob Marley portraits. Currently I'm just super ready for this term to be over cause then I'll only have to go to 3 classes and I can spend my free periods painting, Since I now have a small art studio set up at my Grandparents house who live pretty close to Walden. I'm also really interested in buying rolled canvas and learning to stretch it myself so I can create ridiculously large canvases. That sounds fun to me. So we'll see what happens. (and I'll put up some of my most recent work when I have time to get around to it.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome To the Rockies

The Idea for this one just randomly popped into my head. so I did it.

the sky was painted with oil and the mountains with acrylic. It's 3ft 3in. long by 6in. tall.
apparently I really love the size of 3ft 3in because I not even thinking about it, made it that size.
completed 8/16/2011

The Grid

This was created by the same method as the previous one.

Completed 8/8/2011

wax 3

This time I tried a different method of melting wax. one that almost ended in my burning my hand off. But Essentially you boil the wax.

completed 8/8/2011

the Oil painting

well I finally after about a month finished my first oil painting. Can't say it turned out quite how I wanted it to, but I think I did a pretty good job for having no idea what I was doing. Truth be told, if I get bored sometime I think I'll redo the sky since it isn't very good.

Wax 1 and 2

I don't even remember how I came up with this idea, but it's melted crayons. Bet you'll never guess what I used to melt them with though.... A soldering Iron.

both were completed 8/2/2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day At the Beach

The idea for this piece was actually spawned from the oil painting I was working on just moments before.
sadly the picture doesn't do this piece and justice. The colors aren't as vibrant. I just started this one with no idea how it was going to end. Created the sun and the sky and just went from there. It was super fun to paint though. here is a close up of part of the painting so you can see more detail:
 this is my very most recent painting. Fresh off the easel and actually still slightly wet for the pictures.
Completed 7/22/2011

Beyond The Wall

This one is supposed to be like a hole in the wall. I decided to get profound or something and create a thinker. I see this one as don't get shut up by the wall, don't conform, look beyond it and be yourself. so yeah whatever. I'm personally not very fond of it.  Completed 7/22/2011

Adventures In Oil Painting

A month or so ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at oil painting. My Grandfather is an amazing painter, so I've had him show me a thing or two, but mostly he said just go for it and see what happens. So today I took his advice and started my first oil painting. Funny thing is I've had this painting planned out for at least three months now.
This is as far as I was able to get on it today. Now I just have to kick back and wait a week or so before I can start the next phase: adding actual grass, detail to the trees, and leaves.

The Latest News

This one is a monster. 2ft. tall by 4ft. wide. Truth be told if I had to do over, I would do this one a lot differently. But there are some great articles in it. Some lady that I'd never seen before who is supposedly in my ward came over while I was working on it and started asking me how I chose what articles to use and all that. She pointed at one of them and said in a stuck up voice "like that one". It was an article on gay marriage. I just ignored her and thought to myself "yep she's Mormon".  Completed 7/18/2011

City Life

                                                           completed 7/11/2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Time to Spice Things Up

this blog is kind of boring and I feel that it's lacking in it's potential. So I figure I may as well write about art related stuff, my projects, inspiration, favorite pieces and all that jazz. 

I'll begin by telling you about one of my current projects. I've decided to do like a whole series of the newspaper paintings. 1. because I like doing them 2. I have at least 70 newspapers in my room and need to get rid of them 3. why the heck not? so there you have it. anyways I'm currently working on "The Latest News" this one is a nightmare! two feet tall by four feet long. A real monster. I spent about six hours yesterday just gluing all the newspaper onto the board. Then I had to design the pattern which took about another two hours. I always design them all random, just grab a ruler and start making lines, but sometimes there are certain articles or headlines that I want to show up in the final product, so shapes sometimes get dictated by that. It's kind of scaring me right now to be honest...painting it is going to take three years! especially since you have to prime each shape you want to paint, then do multiple layers of the coat for it to look nice. and I just counted roughly 58 shapes on it. so I'll most likely end up painting around 35 of those. So yeah, that's what's in store for me these next few days, weeks, months?

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's All News To Me

          I had an extra Panel left over from the last project so I decided to create this guy.

Another painting on news paper. These are actually really a pain to make. I go through a huge collection of old newspapers I have, and cut out random articles and such that have all different fonts and sizes. Then you have to glue them onto the board carefully so they don't wrinkle or bubble up. Wait for it to dry, then paint a few layers of each color. But for some reason I still enjoy doing it. This is my most recently completed work of art 6/18/2011 but I have four more on the way.

The Panels

With every art project I've done, there always comes a point where I think "What have I gotten myself into!" Let's just say I thought that at least 5 times a day while working on this one.

I came up with the general Idea for this while in Jamaica, and when came home, all I did for the next week was paint these. Each Panel is a 12" wide by 3' 3" tall. each of the little rectangles in the painting is 1" by 2"  and there are 230 of those rectangles on each panel. I would wake up in the morning around 9 a.m. and paint straight until 10 p.m. In the end, I ended up spending over 40 hours painting this project! You really do need to see them in person though

Sponge Expirements

I decided I wanted to try and paint something with sponges. This is what I came up with. Still haven't thought of a name for it yet. But like all art pieces, Photos don't seem to do them much justice. It's a lot more vibrant in person. completed 6/5/2011

Accidental Art

I had a bunch of old photos printed out that I used for some random math project. I threw them away and my dad found them a week later, pulled them out of the trash and gave them to me.
                                            here is the original picture of Hunter S Thompson
                                                         this is the modified version

                                        And here's one of  me that was also damaged

Old News

It's been a while since I've added any picture of my art onto this here blog. but This piece is Titled Old News. as you can see, It's painted on newspaper. completed 4/3/2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painting With Blood

this wasn't actually painted with blood, but rather a broken pen.

poetry book

I got bored, so I decided to paint this boring old black poetry book I have. Of course it took longer than I expected, for a total of 6 straight hours.
Front Cover

Back Cover

Grateful Dead Dancing Bears

one of the many Grateful Dead emblems: The Dancing bear

these took roughly 3 hours a piece and are made from Gum Wrappers

The beginning of Painting

I decided to take up painting.
 completed 3/15/2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

proejcts in the works

there are a few projects I'm working on at the current time. but I haven't been able to do a whole ton with them thanks to finals, and now being in the school play. hopefully they will be completed in the not so distant future though. anyways, I got bored yesterday so I created this little guy. its artsy I suppose

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Runaway Balloons

busted out the paint and sponges. after getting distracted and painting my shirt, this was produced.
(created 01/17/2011)


decided to take a break from gum wrappers and this is what happened.
(created 01/16/2011)

(created 01/16/2011)

 (created 01/17/2011)

Tom Waits

This comes from a Stencil I created of Tom Waits. then I covered it with gum wrappers. took about 7 hours to cover. this gum wrapper business is a lot harder than you'd think.
(created 01/23/2011)

and here is another Tom Waits
(created 01/24/2011)

the begining of gum wrapper

My First ever Gum Wrapper project. It was mostly an expirement.

and then I got into this Funkyness. both of these are better viewed in person, cause they shine in the light. In fact I actually had to wear sunglasses while creating these, cause the reflection hurts your eyes.  (created 11/25/2010)

Duct Tape Project

here it Finally is. my first true project. This thing took me over 30 total hours. Its all made from duct tape placed on a Masonite board.  The size of it is 3 feet by 3 feet (aka its a monster). I completed it in mid October

And Thus The Art Blog Was Birthed

There have been a few people bugging me to see my art work. so what the heck, here's your chance. probably won't do much writing on this blog. It'll mostly be pictures and brief descriptions