Sunday, February 6, 2011

Runaway Balloons

busted out the paint and sponges. after getting distracted and painting my shirt, this was produced.
(created 01/17/2011)


decided to take a break from gum wrappers and this is what happened.
(created 01/16/2011)

(created 01/16/2011)

 (created 01/17/2011)

Tom Waits

This comes from a Stencil I created of Tom Waits. then I covered it with gum wrappers. took about 7 hours to cover. this gum wrapper business is a lot harder than you'd think.
(created 01/23/2011)

and here is another Tom Waits
(created 01/24/2011)

the begining of gum wrapper

My First ever Gum Wrapper project. It was mostly an expirement.

and then I got into this Funkyness. both of these are better viewed in person, cause they shine in the light. In fact I actually had to wear sunglasses while creating these, cause the reflection hurts your eyes.  (created 11/25/2010)

Duct Tape Project

here it Finally is. my first true project. This thing took me over 30 total hours. Its all made from duct tape placed on a Masonite board.  The size of it is 3 feet by 3 feet (aka its a monster). I completed it in mid October

And Thus The Art Blog Was Birthed

There have been a few people bugging me to see my art work. so what the heck, here's your chance. probably won't do much writing on this blog. It'll mostly be pictures and brief descriptions