Sunday, December 18, 2011

Locust Salon

This semester, I took a Art and Poetry Fusion class from Josh and Lara. The class ended up truly being a performance arts class, but whatever. Anyways, for our class final, we put on a show at Lara's house. It went really well. I participated in two of the pieces that were performed and also created some visual art.

I created this clock for the show, along with another piece (which I haven't photographed yet) that spelled out T I M E using photos/paintings of the U.S. presidents. I personally really like this clock, and it evolved a lot during the creation process, from what I originally intended it to be. The hearts are made of gum wrappers, and the clock actually works. Think I'll hang it on my wall. 

Steal Your Face

I had to think about this one for a while. It was hard figuring out the easiest way to do it. And believe it or not, this is the most difficult Gum Wrapper project I've done...thus far. (It's a Grateful Dead logo)

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison. One of my personal Idols. This is also a classic picture of him, so I figured I should create a gum wrapper version of it. I am also currently working on another sweet project with this same image. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

Bob Marley

It's been a while since I've added any new art pieces to this here blog. But here's one from a while ago.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No One Told Me

It's very seldom that I write poetry. But sometimes you find inspiration.

The lovely nights we spent together,
Hands intertwined.
Her soft beautiful hair
Resting on my shoulder.

No one told me she was moving.

The countless love notes piling up.
And the way we danced,
That very first time.
The sweet smile on her face, when she looked into my eyes.

No one told me she was moving.

And I may have failed Physics.
But I know chemistry.
We were good together.

No one told me she was moving.

Our love, was a light in dark places.
Oh how It warmed my heart.
She told me we would grow old together.
That there were many more memories yet to be made.

No one told me she was moving.

I should have realized.
The plane tickets,
The Duffel Bags,
The long goodbyes.

But no one told me she was moving.

…and now she’s gone.