Monday, September 26, 2011

A Brief Catching Up

Ever Since school started up, I haven't had much time to create art. But in the last few weeks I've come up with some super cool ideas for pieces. And It's been driving me crazy cause I don't have the time to start working on any of them! Though fortunately I have been revisiting my Gum Wrapper art. Knocked out a few of those recently, including a Jim Morrison, and Bob Marley portraits. Currently I'm just super ready for this term to be over cause then I'll only have to go to 3 classes and I can spend my free periods painting, Since I now have a small art studio set up at my Grandparents house who live pretty close to Walden. I'm also really interested in buying rolled canvas and learning to stretch it myself so I can create ridiculously large canvases. That sounds fun to me. So we'll see what happens. (and I'll put up some of my most recent work when I have time to get around to it.)

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