Friday, July 15, 2011

Time to Spice Things Up

this blog is kind of boring and I feel that it's lacking in it's potential. So I figure I may as well write about art related stuff, my projects, inspiration, favorite pieces and all that jazz. 

I'll begin by telling you about one of my current projects. I've decided to do like a whole series of the newspaper paintings. 1. because I like doing them 2. I have at least 70 newspapers in my room and need to get rid of them 3. why the heck not? so there you have it. anyways I'm currently working on "The Latest News" this one is a nightmare! two feet tall by four feet long. A real monster. I spent about six hours yesterday just gluing all the newspaper onto the board. Then I had to design the pattern which took about another two hours. I always design them all random, just grab a ruler and start making lines, but sometimes there are certain articles or headlines that I want to show up in the final product, so shapes sometimes get dictated by that. It's kind of scaring me right now to be honest...painting it is going to take three years! especially since you have to prime each shape you want to paint, then do multiple layers of the coat for it to look nice. and I just counted roughly 58 shapes on it. so I'll most likely end up painting around 35 of those. So yeah, that's what's in store for me these next few days, weeks, months?

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